The membership of the University Space Committee will include faculty and staff.  In evaluating a space request, USC may gather additional information, for example input from administrative or academic leaders and unit supervisors currently housing the space in question before making a recommendation to the Provost, who is responsible for the final decision.

USC composition seeks to create a knowledgeable body of subject-matter expertize across a wide spectrum of different space types.  Appointments will focus on empowering USC with a diverse set of space type experts.  Half of the initial membership terms will be two years and the other half will be three years.  At the conclusion of each member’s initial term, all appointments or reappointments will be for two years.

 Initial membership of the University Space Committee will include representatives from the faculty and administrative units.  Upon receipt of faculty membership recommendations from the Academic Senate, initial composition of the USC will include the following:

  Title Name Initial Term
1. Interim Provost (Co-Chair) Thomas Smith N/A
2. Vice Chancellor for Planning and Budget (Co-Chair) Gerry Bomotti N/A
3. Faculty Representative 1 Jose Wudka 3 Year
4. Faculty Representative 2 Jane Ward 3 Year
5. Faculty Representative 3 Jacqueline Shea Murphy 3 Year
6. Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development (or designee) Rodolfo Torres 2 Year
7. Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (or designee) Cathy Eckman 2 Year
8. Chief Financial Administrative Officer representative Veronica Ruiz 3 Year
9. Business Administrative Services /Auxiliary Services representative TBD 2 Year
10. College Facility Manager representative TBD 2 Year
11. Student Body representative TBD 2 Year
12. Representatives from Facility Services/Architects and Engineers and/or Capital Assets Planning TBD 3 Year
13. College Facility Manager representative (CNAS) TBD 2 Year